May 14, 2001

I was a little bit disturbed when I first listened to this CD, for it's a bit different from their last and first (self-titled) album. The first album reminded me of rollerskating rings and comic book reading. It was a little more pop-y and the keyboards were a little more prominent. "The Fox" sounds a little harder, a little more mature. Here's where I have torn feelings. I respect a band who finds maturity with their music, but part of the charm of the Rondelles are their teenage rebelliousness. This album still gives you plenty of room to dance and play your electric air guitar. I guess these CDs are the difference between chocolate cake and brownies. I like one for its light and airy sweetness, but I like another for it's thick, stick-to-the-roof-of-my-mouth gooey goodness. Both are equally as exciting and good, served up fresh and with love by the band we all crave.

 –Harmonee (Teen Beat, PO Box 3265, Arlington, VA 22203;

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