ROLL THE TANKS: “Goodnight Jimmy Lee” b/w “Pistolero”: 7”

I would definitely refer to this as melodic punk with very strong pop elements, but I wouldn’t dare call it pop punk. If I write pop punk, you’re immediately thinking of lots of bands this doesn’t sound like. The first track, “Good Night Jimmy Lee,” actually sounds very influenced by 1980’s new wave, finely coated onto a very solidly built boxcar of rock’n’roll sound. It’s dedicated to a Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., now eternalized onto virginal white vinyl: beautiful. The second song, “Pistolero,” is right up my alley, and not just because I speak Spanish and can tell you it means gunslinger. It’s a simple, unpretentious, good song. Not mind blowing, but pretty good. Rock is not dead; it’s just no longer on the radio.

 –Rene Navarro (Sabot)