ROGUE NATIONS, THE: The American Ruins: 7” EP

Sep 08, 2006

Chris Peigler, who was in My So-Called Band, is a tremendously earnest and hard-working guy. (He does stuff for Razorcake on occasion, like the Signal Lost interview in this issue.) The Rogue Nations have great elements: an almost Feederz-like guitar weirdness that’s often wired over the top of songs, intelligent lyrics (including an homage to awesome lady Alice Bag), and, at times, a nice, bouncy quality. But there’s something holding me back from flat-out praise. It seems like too much is being tried at once and it lacks uniqueness. Like, the songs could be more dynamic. Or the drums could be played harder. Something. For some reason, this EP just seems breathless—there aren’t any dips and valleys or catch and releasing—it’s just rolling and toiling. I really, really want to like it more. It’s definitely not bad. I just think they could be better.

 –todd (Suicide Watch)

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