Roger Moser Jr.'s Top however many of 2001

Jan 02, 2002

(in no particular order whatsoever from beginning to end and back again)

1. Reno Divorce, Naysayers and Yesmen CD (self-released)
1b. Cold, frosty brewed beverages

2. The Chronics, Soulshaker CD (Bad Afro)
2b. Hot, sweet poohnanny pie

3. Dead Man's Choir, Out with the Trash CD (Know)
3b. Loud, robust, rip-roarin' belches

4. Mad Daddys, The Age Of Asparagus CD (R.A.F.R.)
4b. The eye-titillatin', weiner-arousin' visual effects of Larry Flynt Publications

5. Thug Murder, The 13th Round CD (TKO)
5b. A certain colorfully crazed, alliteration-strewn review by Mr. Cuss Baxter, "Jr."

6. The Richmond Sluts, self-titled CD (Disaster)
6b. Witnessing Marky Ramone and then the U.S. Bombs and Circle Jerks live and in-person within a couple of days of each other in Dallas during the hot'n'humid dog-days of this past August

7. The Riffs, Underground Kicks CD (Pelado)
7b. Pukin', pissin', shittin', ejaculatin', and other such vile rock'n'roll bodily functions

8. Gore Gore Girls, Strange Girls CD (Get Hip)
8b. Tossin' the most verbally injurious of insults towards the numerous imbecilic half-wits most deserving of my wordy tyrannical rants (that palm-greasing, vote-stealin' George "Dumb-Ass" Dubya Bush fella and his entire self-imposed staff of economically corrupt administrative cretins; whiney politically correct social activists who have nothing better to do with their over-abundance of time other than protest everything under the sun when they should really be protesting their very own existence; emo bands and grindmetal groups who have nothin' relevant whatsoever to offer in the wild'n'woolly world of rock'n'roll rebelliousness; fake friends {you know who you are!}; and, last but not least, my decrepit hunched-back old shadow)

9. Various Artists, RAFR Volume 3 CD (R.A.F.R.)
9b. Fartin' in the wind for lack of anything more productive to accomplish during my illustrious leisure moments of reckless multi-colored inebriation

10. The Killbillys, Tornado Trailer Park CD EP (self-released)
10b. Todd and Sean (plus their doggedly determined bouts of constructive criticism, helpful hints, brew-soggy guidance, and forever endearing support) and the rest of the spectacularly creative Razorcake crew (y'all make a rough'n'rowdy down-home Texxxas boy damn proud to be associated with you and your chaotically scribblin' kind... gush, gush, sniff, sniff, burp, burp!)

And now for a few noteworthy honorable mentions: Various Artists, Old Skars and Upstarts 2001 CD (Disaster), Robert Belfour, What's Wrong with You CD (Fat Possum), Various Artists, Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! Vol. 2 CD (Bad Afro), The Deviants, On Your Knees Earthlings!!! CD (Total Energy), The Slash City Daggers, Backstabber Blues CD (Unity Squad), Garage And Beat! mag, and Screwed & Tattooed zine. Amen, and I shall now royally fuck off...