Nov 08, 2007

Agnostic Front is way better. Roger Miret is playing streetpunk oi now. He should have stuck with hardcore. I threw this in and immediately put on my Agnostic Front record Victim in Pain instead. What happened, man? Get old? Did Hellcat tell you to try to be Rancid? Song titles like “Loud and Proud,” “Riot, Riot, Riot,” and “The Boys” try to grasp hard at the unity message to oi hooligans wannabes in the suburbs. Then there’s the song “Street Rock n Roll.” Can you be any more generic for us? Boring. Has he turned into a Spinal Tap parody? The vocals sound like it. He sings, “I don’t like you, I hate you, fuck off.” Roger Miret never played ska, but he decided it’s cool to rip lines from second wavers anyway with this line, “These boots are made for stomping, gonna stomp all over you.” What a dipshit.

 â€“buttertooth (Hellcat)

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