RODENT SQUEALS: High Pitch Distress Cries: CD

Definitely the oddest thing I’ve ever reviewed, this CD is exactly what the title promises: the squealing sounds of rats in distress. The inside of the CD cover reads: “The original recording artist of the material presented on this disc is unknown. The master tape was mailed anonymously from Waco, TX to an associate of Apop Records in the mid ‘90s. A note was enclosed that stated that the tracks are not synthesized. No other information is known. Some have speculated that these are field recordings of the sounds blasted at Camp Davidian as a means of Psywarfare. We can neither confirm nor deny the claim.” So if you happen to need just less than thirty minutes of the disturbing sounds of rodents crying for a project or practical joke, here you go. Probably the best album of rats squealing ever made.

 –Jason Donnerparty (Apop)