RODDY RADIATION: Skabilly Rebel – The Roddy Radiation Anthology:: CD

Jul 25, 2002

For all you musical archaeologists out there, ya probably already know Roddy Radiation as an artistically creative principal component (vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter) of the two-tone ska band The Specials. But, hot-diggedy hell, I can damn well assure you that this ain’t none of that fruity, horn-blaring ska shit! The sonic, skull-rattling liveliness contained herein is pure boot-scootin’ rockabilly rebelliousness (with a sometimes heavy hint of jaunty ska rhythms, especially towards the end of the disc) that sounds as if it were crazily recorded in a backwoods chicken shack studio in 1956. Indeed, my ears appreciatively hear the vibrant, ball-bustin’ influences of Sun-era Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, “Ain’t Love Grand”-era X, and even a rollickin’ swirl of Johnny Rivers-style swagger. Apparently rootin’ tootin’ Roddy fronted three different bands in the early ‘80s (The Bonediggers, The Tearjerkers, and The Raiders), and this here devilishly divine disc is a magnificently well-maintained compilation of their various recorded output. It’s rural auditory bravado at its hell-raisin’, honky-tonkin’ best; a raucously spectacular collection that’ll have ya squealin’ like a pig in no time at all!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Fiend Music)