Rock‘n’Roll B-Movie Monsters: “Go Go Johnny Kill!” VHS Cartoon

Feb 26, 2007

Man, I’m fucking telling you, the state of Texas (not counting the Bush family) never ceases to amaze me with the fantastic things it continues to churn out. I happened to bump into a super nice guy online from Austin recently, Eugene Romero, who has been creating his own brand of cartoons for a while now, the Rock‘n’Roll B-Movie Monsters. This episode features the monsters overthrowing a now-evil Clint Howard, who’s attempting to take over dance halls and turn the patrons into mindless dance zombies. And just how do our monsters wage war with the Eaglebauer has-been? By creating a super-human Johnny Ramone in the lab, whose loud guitar will lay waste to those who cross him. Without ruining the whole episode, I must give big props to Eugene and declare him the king of all that is cartoon cool for a few reasons: He works images of the Ramones, Motörhead, Black Flag, and Social D. into a cartoon. That’s plain badass. But someone who includes references to Clint Howard’s inclusion in films such as Rock’n’Roll High School, or the even more obscure Ice Cream Man? That’s fucking brilliant, man. The clincher as to why I came to this conclusion? Word has it that Eugene is in development of his next episode, featuring a character that goes by the name of “Lembot.” And yeah, it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is. Here’s hoping the Cartoon Network gets its shit together and gets in touch with Eugene sometime soon. Bloody Holly Lives! –Designated Dale ([email protected])