Rockin’ Bones Videozine: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

                A return, of sorts, to the golden age of punk “video zines,” where a guy with a video camera sets out to assorted clubs and records interviews and live performances by his favorite bands, in this case the Briefs, the Casualties, TSOL, the Dead Kennedys, DI, Sloppy Seconds, UK Subs, The Queers and a bunch of others. As can be expected from what is obviously a wholly DIY affair, the sound quality ranges from okay to atrocious, but what is lacking in audio clarity is made up in some great live footage of, and interviews with some great bands (the Casualties excepted, of course). In short, some crucial eye candy. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rockin’ Bones, PO Box 133, Benton, TX 76201)