ROCKETZ, THE: Rise of the Undead: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Debut release from this band featuring Tony “Slash” Red Horse on lead guitar and vocals and Andrew “Mr. Pink” Martinez on drums. Two bassists on this record including “Angry” John Dimambro (ex-Down By Law) on three songs. The liner notes state he had to leave for another project. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it’s that new thing with Morrissey’s guitarist but I guess everyone has to let their soft side come out. Rise of the Undead is far from soft, however. It will come at your head like a detached cement mixer. The Rocketz call it psychobilly but it just seems like straight ahead rock. Songs that everyone can commiserate on: booze, chicks, and some more booze. Any CD that has four songs about death is okay in my book. Catch this band live with new bassist Don “Pony Boy Fraser” at a skuzzy dive bar near you. If you don’t have a cool nickname like the members of The Rocketz, you ain’t got nothin’!

 –koepenick (Hairball 8)