ROCKET REDUCERS: Self-titled: 12” 45

May 03, 2011

Frantic garage/street/punk, kinda like if the New Bomb Turks wrote songs that actually had choruses, or if the Radio Reelers got out of the whole shaking racket, and more into decimating. Bad-ass, fast and short, like second-generation Mexican wrestlers. Not quite as flamingly rabid as i remember Los Ass-Draggers as being, but on a similar trajectory. The only parts where my interest wanes are when they slow it down a trifle and bash tambourines like the Mullens or someone, though i love the Mullens. Other detours like the “Got The Time”/”Bad Brain” type breakdown in “Waste Away”—with bongos or something? I think?—work to perfection, and keep the record as a whole from sounding like twelve doses of monochromatic one-note combat. When i listen to this record, i always have this mental picture of a bunch of one-legged pirates stiffy and frantically pogoing in a gigantic popcorn popper while a bunch of colored wooden dodgeballs bang around off the walls to add additional franticness. And, believe you me, THOSE PIRATES ARE DAMN GLAD TO BE THERE. BEST SONG: “Waste Away.” I’m queer for the breakdown. BEST SONG TITLE: “She’s So Easy” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I looked everywhere and can’t find the phrase “Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa” anywhere. Hmm.

 –norb (Dead Beat)