ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS: The Day the Earth Met the...: CD

Feb 05, 2009

A collection of assorted demo and live tracks from this long dead but very influential band, slapped together to recreate “the greatest album NEVER made.” For those not in the know, this is the link between Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys, a super group, if you will, containing members of both of those bands before they were anybody. With great (although occasionally a little raw) sound quality, this is a must have for fans of either band, if for no other reason than to hear early versions of now-classic songs like “Sonic Reducer,” “30 Seconds Over Tokyo,” and “Final Solution,” not to mention a couple of Stooges covers. Hell, the majority of the songs from the first Dead Boys albums are here, and let me say that until you’ve heard David Thomas belt out “What Love Is,” you just ain’t lived. Recommended.

 –jimmy (Smog Veil)