ROCKET 455: Cross-Eyed: 7"

May 14, 2001

Rocket 455 raucously roar with robust bowery garagerock trashiness which sent me into a spastic state of all-out foot-stompin' insanity. The duo of deviant ditties contained on this skull-pummelling platter of psychotic sounds fiercely rage with murderous musical madness like there just ain't no tomorrow. It knocked me upside the head with such full-force seething intensity, I'm now permanently brain-damaged, cross-eyed, and imbecilically slobberin' all over myself... wheeeee, what fun!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317; or Rocket 455, 5299 Tarnow, Detroit, MI 48210)

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