ROCK*A*TEENS, THE: Noon Under the Trees: CDEP

Aug 09, 2009

Noon Under the Treesis a finely constructed EP from this North Carolina band. The layout is like that of a faded, old, yellow paged diary or novella from the past. The songs are a melancholy ride through mini portraits of friends and lovers and the lazy afternoons wasted in their company. The sounds captured are soft and gorgeous. Their reverbed-up guitars, fuzzy keyboards, and cushy drums are the real meat and hook bringing me back for repeated listens. Not to say the singing isn’t well spoken and dreamy, because it is. These southern gentlemen would fit nicely on a bill with the Starlight Mints, the Flaming Lips, and Superchunk. –Nathan Grumdahl  –guest (Moodswing)

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