Rock Talk: On the Record with Rock Music’s Most Interesting Talents: by Rev. Keith A. Gordon, 115 pgs., $8.95 By Brian

Apr 02, 2007

Gordon has collected a bunch of interviews he’s conducted with a wide range of musicians over the course of a career in music journalism that started back in 1985. Most of the items were previously published in a variety of publications, from Nashville’s Metro and Bone magazines, to industry journal Music Retailing, as well as in his own independently published zines. Since he is based in Nashville, there is a decidedly South-centric tilt to the book as a whole, but there are plenty of other artists represented as well —from Billy Bragg to Wayne Kramer, Rancid to the Descendents. Most of them are presented in more of narrative style, rather than the traditional Q&A format, which allows the author to interject more of his own views, in his own voice. Unfortunately, his are not the views you’re probably interested in. Personally, I would have rather heard more from Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon than from Reverend Gordon. On the other hand, where else are you going to find Joey Ramone, Geordie (Killing Joke), Joey Shithead (D.O.A.) and Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) represented in the same book with Mark Cohn, Melissa Etheridge, Blues Traveler, and the Georgia Satellites? –Brian Mosher (Anthem Pop/Kult Publishing , 826 Old Charlotte Pike East, Franklin, TN 37064, <>)