ROBOT REPAIR: Never Trust a Human: Cassette

Mar 17, 2015

Never trust a human, eh? Fair enough. One thing’s for sure—don’t trust Robot Repair because nothing about them is robotic. Nope. Too human, too heartfelt, and although far from sloppy, far too raw and uncalculated. What you get here is that sort of catchy punk rock that comes out of places like Chattanooga and Asheville: long, slow rock riffs and dorky vocals that build tension until breaking down into fast punk songs with lots of shouting. I love the blast beats at the beginning of the third track, “La Fin Du Monde.” Thinking I was going to hear a powerviolence song for those few seconds, I worried that maybe this band was still trying to figure out who they were and what their sound was—then... nope, they go right into the same awesome, fun sound they were shooting for the whole time. I’m keeping an eye out for these guys. One complaint: no label on the tape! Bands, next time this happens, I’m getting high and mixing your tape up with some goregrind tape I got to review—Pukerot or whoever—will get far more attention than they deserve and who’ll always be remembered as another shitty grind band! Sorry, to have to make an example of you, Robot Repair. Please carry on with the rockin’. The people need it! 

 –Craven Rock (Boomchok!)

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