ROBOCOP 3: If the Door Is Locked, There Is Someone in There: 7"

Dec 13, 2007

Skipped versions 1 and 2 and went straight to 3. Gotta wonder what’s so special about the third installment of Robocop that it makes you want to name your band after the film. My problem with Robocop is that he’s no longer a man, but he’s not all robot, either. He’s more of a hybrid of the two, which makes him a cyborg, and not a Robocop. The movie, Cyborg, was a Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle. They never made a sequel to that opus. Although, in my opinion, they should have because Vincent Klyn, also known as Lupton “Warchild” Pittman from Point Break, starred as Van Damme’s nemesis. It’s a quality film. But aside from the name of the band, they are also lyrical messiahs with songs about Muppet movie characters, pool parties, and unicorn card decks that posses magic powers. How can you go wrong?

 –Dave Disorder (Thrillhouse)