Jun 06, 2014

For those not in the know, Robert Pehrsson is/was a member of a slew of killer Swedish bands, including Thunder Express/Dundertåget (with ex-Hellacopters axeman Robert Dahlqvist), Death Breath (with Imperial State Electric/Hellacopters mainman/Entombed drummer/living god Nicke Andersson) and many others. Humbucker is Pehrsson’s first solo endeavor, and, goddamnit, it is a doozy. I will say that you could probably slap Nicke Andersson’s name on a fucking Bowling For Soup record and I’d find a way to love it (Nicke handles rhythm section and production duties on this record), but, man, this is goddamned phenomenal. There’s definitely a prominent Swedish “high energy rock’n’roll” thing happening here, but with considerably more mood. Thin Lizzy, Fleetwood Mac, Uli Jon Roth-era Scorpions, Jimi Hendrix… there is a well of impeccably utilized influences here that comes together to create a record rivaling those that Nicke himself has written in the past decade. This is a genre-transcending triumph that music fans from all walks would do well to check out immediately. Dang! 

 –Dave William (High Roller)