Sep 22, 2009

On this here inspirationally soul-stirrin' CD, Robert Belfour spiritually moves my ears with a folksy rural array of acoustic sharecroppin' shotgun-shack blues that perfectly captures the aural essence of the Deep South's rustic mystique. In a dead-end era of blandly contrived watered-down hippie blues drivel (via the uninspiring ilk of Eric Clap-out, Stevie Rank Vaughan, and Kenny Wank Shepherd), it's a pleasurable delight indeed to be musically stimulated by an authentic well-structured display of moanin'-and-groanin' northern-Mississippi hill-country blues. Mr. Belfour's vocals adeptly alternate between hogcallin' backwoods-twang wails and mannishly mumbled scat caterwaulings of moonshine-drenched madness... his earthy cottonpatch'n'porchswing guitar pickin' is intricate, hypnotic, and skillfully free-flowin'. I'm beyond awed! I could easily sit here, drink beer, and listen to this all day long... ah hell, I think I'll do just that.

 –guest (Fat Possum)

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