ROACH MOTEL: It’s Lonely at the Top: It’s Lonely at the Top: LP

Roach Motel is the best known of the punk/hardcore bands to hail from Florida, a band whose guitarist George Tabb would go on to make a few waves via his column in Maximum Rocknroll, and purveyors of some of the finest, funniest thrash around circa 1982-’84. The tracks from both their classic EPs and the We Can’t Help It If We’re from Florida compilation can be found here, along with some live tracks and recordings for a full length that apparently never saw the light of day, plus liner notes and pics for those who like a little readin’ material whilst noise mongering. With songs addressing such heady subjects as politically astute canine pals, assorted alcoholic beverages, drug-ingesting parents, and calling for the annihilation of certain prominent pop culture icons, you know the twenty-one tracks here are stuff for the ages.

 –jimmy (Florida’s Dying)