RKL: Still Flailing After All These Beers: DVD

Mar 03, 2011

Originally released on VHS, this DVD contains all the video footage of RKL lighting it up live onstage many moons ago. Included, as well, is all the funny footage of the band on the road with various exploits of band members, not to mention the hilarious art of scrawled graffiti on passed-out victims in their presence and singer Jason doing his impression of a water pump, spewing forth vomitus all over the stage. The live material is key stuff, reminding me why sooo many bands lifted from this band to begin with, but nothing else has ever epitomized the punk rock rhythm section like the crazy, insane teamwork of bassist Little Joe and Bommer fucking it up beyond belief on the drums. The bonus audio features here are shoved together quite nicely with twenty-five tracks of RKL rocking the fuck outta yer television while a slide show of many old flyers of their past shows decorate your screen. Wax nostalgic or go wax yer dolphin – just get this in your DVD collection, erection. –Designated Dale (http://www.maltsoda.com/)