RKL: Greatest Hits: CD

Jan 19, 2012

RKL was one of those bands who managed to transcend Mystic Records’ notoriously shitty recording quality and release at great hardcore 45, It’s a Beautiful Feeling, at a time when the genre was getting to a point of generic ridiculousness, especially in the case of Mystic’s output at the time. Oddly enough, though I really dug that release and saw them at least once or twice back then, I never paid much attention past that. Outside of my go-to “I spent a helluva lotta time drunk as a muh-fuh back then” excuse, I’ve got no explanation why. I know they kinda popped things up after a bit and influenced peers like NOFX as a result, and that might actually go-to reason number two, but prior to this, I can’t think of a song of theirs past 1987 or so I’ve heard. No matter. This is, for the most part, a rock-solid live “hardcore” set recorded in West Berlin in 1988. The band is pretty much on-point—and it’s pretty goddamned impressive hearing just how proficient they were on their instruments—the sound quality is right off the board, so it’s purty sounding for all you audio fascists, plus there’s an unlisted plethora of what sounds like their later poppier stuff I’m guessing is heretofore unreleased, and the booklet identifies a link where you can watch footage of the band from around the time the live stuff was recorded.

 –jimmy (Destiny, destiny-tourbooking.com)

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