RÄJÄYTTAJÄT: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

Good, trashy punk, like most any other artistic endeavor, first and foremost needs a heaping dose of conviction—you can pretty much sell any crap with just a smidge and you’re only ensuringa long, faceless stay in the dung heap of mediocrity without it. Like Teengenerate, the Reds, and others working that side of the road, these cats are well aware of this rule and go out of their way to make sure this disc is sweating barrels full of both conviction and chutzpah. Taking cues from early Stones (even going so far as to quote “The Last Time” at one point) and all the usual suspects, they intersperse heaps of audio samples more often heard on a Crass compilation between tracks and flail in wild abandon when the actual songs kick in, with live-wire energy levels and howling aplenty. Guaranteed to clear out yer next clambake of all but the most hearty and coolest of yer crew. 

 –jimmy (Deadbeat)