RIVETHEAD: City Sounds Number Five: 7"

Jul 28, 2009

At first, Rivethead sounds like a band that plays pop punk along the same lines as mid-nineties Lookout Records bands. The singer has the raw, smoked-too-many-cigarettes voice that’s not unlike Ben Weasel’s, and the melodies aren’t too far away from Green Day. I listened to this once, and figured that I wouldn’t listen to it any more. Something compelled me to give it another chance, and the second time I heard these songs, I started singing along. Not to the lyrics. Just mumbling similar sounds without noticing that I was doing it. Then, I started listening to this on a daily basis. I can’t say why. There’s just something more to this. It’s too rough to be generic pop punk. It’s too honest to be generic anything. On repeated listens, a more complex array of influences start showing their faces. I hear bits of The Strike here, a taste of the Arrivals there, and an aspiration of Dillinger Four hanging in the air over it all. It’s good stuff.

 –sean (Tracks House)