RIVERWINDS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Nov 24, 2009

Because of the genres of music that we usually review, I know that if I make a reference to country music, you’re probably going to assume that this album is going to be some cool alt- country or folk-punk record, but let me tell you right away that this band is neither Wilco nor Defiance, Ohio. The Riverwinds play the straightforward kind of country music that you hear blasting out of pickup trucks when you make a pit stop at a local convenience store on a road trip from Houston to Dallas. Clean-sounding, mid-tempo electric guitars ring along with lyrics about broken hearts, rock‘n’roll, and small-town angst. The CD is produced with that big, full sound complete with perfectly harmonized backing vocals and organ fills in the background. Now, country music isn’t my thing, but after ten years of living in the South, I’ve at least gotten used enough to it to tolerate it as a cultural thing for people in this region. This album wasn’t particularly bad for its genre, except that the singer goes over the top with his exaggerated (fake?) Southern accent. The Riverwinds didn’t change my opinion on country music, and they probably won’t change yours, either.

 –Lauren Trout (LP-EP, www.lp-ep.com)