RIVERBOATS GAMBLERS: Keep Me from Drinking b/w No Fair: 7”

Sep 08, 2006

I was traveling from Flagstaff, Arizona, back to Los Angeles. I’d gotten a early burn of the Gamblers’ full length, listened to the shit out of it, formed some opinions (see issue #32), and, for some reason, didn’t open up the fully dressed CD and play it. Sean Carswell, who I was traveling with, should really be a DJ. He’s got a natural voice for it, is an easy-going storyteller, and is quick with his fingers. Yeah, it was a CD in a truck’s stereo, but I didn’t see him do it when it happened. The entire album played. Fuck, I love To the Confusion of Our Enemies. It filled up the desert landscape rolling by. It made time pass pleasantly. We got out in Kingman to fill up, right when the album ended, almost as if on cue.

“Dude, that’s the finished record?” I asked.


“They cut that ‘Unicorn’ spoken word jumble in the middle, then?”


“I didn’t hear it,” I said.

“I skipped it. It bothers me,” Sean said matter-of-factly. Beef jerky was purchased.

Here’s my two cents from this episode: “No Fair” works perfectly in that “Unicorn” slot and “Keep Me from Drinking” would be a great ender. I’m gonna burn myself a copy, follow my own advice, and make the almost perfect record, almost more perfecter.  –todd (Volcom)