RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS / THROW RAG: A Tribute to the Big Boys: 7"

Apr 16, 2009

To be completely honest, I’m a huge fan of almost everyone involved in this. I realize this 7” is a footnote to their respective works, which I’d suggest you seek out if you haven’t head yet. The Riverboat Gamblers cover “Fun, Fun, Fun,” and, in comparison to Something to Crow About (which former Big Boy, current Now Time Delegation-er Tim Kerr helped out on), their cover isn’t as Fourth of July in the front of your brain. The vocals are a tad muddled, and the energy isn’t as crackling. A very good cover, just not quite up to the A+ bar I’ve set for the Gamblers. Throw Rag: Biscuit’s chesty wail is replaced by more of a twang and a demented country/sailor feel, which is right up Throw Rag’s crooked alley. They set a controlled fire through “Red/Green” with chops to spare. The silk-screened cover art of three-headed skeletons by Lindsey Kuhn sweetens the deal. Not essential, but a very cool artifact that I’m glad I got, nonetheless.  –todd (Dateshake; www.dateshakerecords.com)

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