Mar 19, 2002

‘70s style old-school punk garage rock: NY Dolls, Damned, Dead Boys, you get the idea. Kinda like a decent opening band for the Gaza Strippers (i.e. in the same vein, but not as good). They include a version of the Ramones’ “Slug” in memory of Joey but it doesn’t do the original justice at all, unfortunately – they just succeed in making me wish I was listening to the original instead of this poor copy. Tempos don’t stay as relentless as I prefer, sometimes getting a bit squishy as they go into the chorus, and none of the tunes stuck in my head at all. Sounds like I’d have a good time hanging out and getting drunk if the Riverboat Gamblers were playing in a club around me, but lord knows there are ten million records of this kind of music and this one doesn’t leap out as one of the very best, which it’d pretty much have to do to stand out from the crowd. Probably worth checking out if they’re playing around you for under five bucks, though.

 –Aaron J. Poehler (Beatville)