If I’ve learned one thing from the Riverboat Gamblers over the years, it’s that they are a constantly evolving band. No two records sound exactly alike. When I reviewed their previous LP Underneath the Owl in these pages, I was put out a bit by the departure from To the Confusion of Our Enemies. As time passed, I came to love that record as much as I do the rest. This time I was ready for change, and some change there is. Feed the Wolf seems to bridge the gap well between Owl and their last release, the Smash/Grab EP. Incredibly catchy and beautiful all the while swinging some seriously rocking guitar. The lyrics, as always, are quick-witted and somewhat sad, yet I always find myself singing along with a smile on my face. This record is another jewel in a crown that the Gamblers have built from kicking ass and working hard. It will be playing loud around here for a long time! G.F.F.G.

 –ty (Volcom)