Mar 07, 2013

Thanks to the vinyl re-issue label, Recorded Messages, this record is available for the first time on vinyl eight years after it was originally compiled. Backsides is the singles and rarities compilation that followed up their first full-length Something to Crow About. Twelve tracks of the high energy rock’n’roll punk that shows the band at their rawest— which isn’t too raw—but compared to their more recent albums, these tracks might as well have been recorded on a boombox. These days, this band has definitely hit their groove, and I always look forward to hearing their new stuff, but I definitely prefer the production value on Something to Crow About and Backsides. It’s got the perfect gritty, Texas punk vibe that can be felt at their live shows. Sometimes re-issues can feel like they’re for completists only. This is not the case; these songs are still as great as ever.

 –Daryl Gussin (Recorded Messages, recorded-messages.com)