RIVAL MOB: Mob Justice: LP

May 08, 2013

There are some people in this little world of hardcore and punk who are just good fucking creators of sounds. Take Jeff and Mark from the Marked Men, for example. They can craft something that you and I could never do, over and over again. In Boston there’s a small group of dudes who pretty much dominate the hardcore scene in bands like Boston Strangler, WW4, No Tolerance, Give, Magic Circle, Battle Ruins, Free Spirit, and all come together in the Rival Mob. I’ve heard plenty of bleating about how their stuff goes for outrageous sums on eBay. Waa fuckin’ waaa. It’s supply and demand, fuckers. This band brings the truth and all kinds of nerds are feeling it, from the yoked-out windmill kids to the sketchy skins. This ain’t no trip to the library, this is well-crafted fuck you mosh music. Taking cues from SS Decontrol, Warzone, and even U.K. oi, this band brought the hammer on their 7” of eons ago and upped the stakes on the legendary Revelation Records (who, in all fairness, haven’t released a record this good since their heyday in the ‘80s). Songs about justice, revenge, and stomping you the fuck out. This is the soundtrack to my life. Best LP of 2013? Sure, I’ve called it. Mob rules all.

 –Tim Brooks (Revelation, revelationrecords.com)