RITUAL ADDICT: Obediently into Nowhere: LP

May 20, 2014

Ritual Addict play snotty and fast hardcore punk and they are awesome at it—seriously one of the best bands playing this style at the moment. Made up of ex-members from many Seattle bands, this is some real Bay Area style hardcore: fast, snotty, and great. Folks who buy the majority of releases from labels like Prank, Life Is Abuse, and Six Weeks are going to want to snap up this LP on the double. Reminds me of many bands on the great European label Kangaroo as well, just a great band that is influenced by Poison Idea, Verbal Abuse, and the like. Top recommendation for this record and I am hoping to hear more from Ritual Addict. 

 –frame (Enemy Closer, ritualaddict.blogspot.com)