RITCHIE WHITES, THE: Stop Me Before I Kill Again: 7"

Jan 02, 2002

The two savage ear-shattering songs ballistically blastin' outta this plastic platter of punk/rock'n'roll unruliness are the ultimate in loud'n'lively audial indecency! It's a wildly careening out-of-control whirlwind of sound chaotically comparable to a bastardized and blenderized cacophony of D-Generation, the Germs, the Dead Boys, and The Humpers giddily defecating on each other's doorsteps. Whooooo-wee, this is as aurally unholy as it gets, and I want more, motherfuckers, more!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Rapid Pulse, PO Box 5075, Milford, CT 06460)