RITALINS: Kelly: 4-song 7" EP

Oct 09, 2006

I hope the person who wrote the verses to the title track and the person who wrote the choruses to the title track are two different people and that the guy who wrote the choruses kicks the guy who wrote the verses out of the band before their next record. I'm pretty sure the band did not need to write "I Wanna Be an Aper." I'm CERTAIN that i did not need to listen to it. Weaselcore of such tightness and nasality that it would not only make Timbo from Mutant Pop crap his pants, it would make him crap his pants through his penis. BEST SONG: Well, "Kelly" if that one guy kicks out the other guy and re-writes the verses. BEST SONG TITLE: "I Wanna Be an Aper." Yeah, think about THAT. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Band uses empty set in lieu of zero in "2ØØ2" and "2ØØ3."

 –norb (All Nite)

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