RISPOSTA: Schvalen Byl Novy Rad: LP

Mar 07, 2011

The one country that does crust and grindcore correctly is, hands down, the Czech Republic. Just about every band of either genre that I hear from there is great. Risposta are yet another band from that country that does crust core right. The music is dark, heavy, abrasive, fast, and interesting: a mix of hardcore with metal (check out some of the solos!). Everything on this record is wired down tight as hell. The drummer is an absolute rager. The drums are bashed to hell and sound like rolling thunder one minute, then they chop away with speed with some crazy fills here and there. “Nabruste Noze!” is the definite standout cut. Great opening that reminds me a little of late ‘80s youth crew, in that it’s as hard as it is melodic, then they rip into the main body of the song which loses no momentum. “Iluze a Mytus” has a nice guitar break at the end that floats over the wall of distortion and gives the song a little more depth. If you like the heavy and dark stuff, then, by all means, get this record. Nice lyric/collage booklet as well.

 –M.Avrg (Insane Society, insanesociety.net)