RISE AGAINST: Siren Song of the Counter Culture: CD

Jul 11, 2007

Hey! Don’t most bands that leave or get kicked off major labels go to Fat Wreck Chords instead of the other way around? Are these guys popular enough to get a major label offer after only three full lengths? The people at Fat are wonderful and I know their bookkeeping is on the up and up. I would figure an indie pays a better per-unit royalty than the major. Distribution couldn’t be the answer. Well, I wasn’t there so I would assume it sounded good to them. I don’t know if this is flying off the shelves, but this might be the one that breaks the camel’s back. I don’t know if they have the appeal to the masses to become successful. I remember when Schleprock went major and they disappeared after that. I think I was one of the few that liked that record. Here I am and I like this CD more than their previous material. At first, the mix was a bit annoying. The bass and drums are super loud in the 60hz and below range. I’m a music geek, so I have a pretty decent sound system in my car. The bass that pours through the woofers make me sound like I am listening to hip hop when you hear it outside the car. Waves of sound push and pull inside my car. The more I listened to the CD, I got what they were going after. Now when I listen to other music, I have to turn up the bass settings to capture the same sound. Musically, being removed from an indie title, they seem to be more adventurous. I would compare it to AFI’s latest record. It’s more of a rock sound with noticeably improved musicianship. I even dig the acoustic song “Swing Life Away.” I’ve turned a few friends who like a little bit of punk on to this CD. They seemed real receptive to the music. So I wish the band luck and hope they get the support they were looking for. If not, I hope they don’t give it up because they are a good band.

 –don (Geffen)