RISE AGAINST: Revolutions Per Minute: CD

Jul 09, 2009

As I get older, the facts in my brain are more and more disorganized with all the new music I am introduced to each month. I’m not complaining, by any stretch. Pulling facts out of my peanut-sized brain becomes a marathon event. I was first introduced to this band by hearing their track on the Live Fat, Die Young: Fat Music Volume 5 comp. I was totally blown away by the song “Join the Ranks.” Their full length debut, The Unraveling, came out but I missed out because of the transition from one magazine to this one. I had it on my list to buy, but never got around to buying it myself. I forgot about the band and received Uncontrollable Fatulence: Fat Music Volume 6. Their track, “Generation Lost,” reminded me that I had put them back on the list of music I needed to pick up. Time passed once again and I never got around to purchasing said item. Low and behold, their second full length was sitting in my box at the almighty Razorcake empire. Knowing that I was going to enjoy this, I pop this puppy into the CD player and get a familiar sound of power mixed with melody. The songs are aggressive but not overtly abrasive. Their lyrics are well written, personal, and political. Production-wise, you know what you are getting from Fat. Fans not familiar with this band but are familiar with bands like Anti-Flag or Good Riddance will appreciate the sonic energy this band produces. Hearing them again is like a swift kick in the butt to go out and buy their previous release and maybe go see them live. Let’s see...

 –don (FAT)