RIPTIDES: Tough Luck: 7″

Punk rock on the pop punk end of things, but with a harder sound—more mid-period Ramones than “Listen to My Heart.” There’s also a definite late-period Lillingtons influence here. But enough with the referencing! This is a decent 7”, not amazing, but only a missing ingredient or two away from being really good! (But if late-period Lillingtons is your thing, you need look no further than this release, I assure you.) If this were a cereal, it’d be generic Raisin Bran, which, now that I write it, sounds like a total insult, but Raisin Bran is actually pretty good, and if the Riptides could just find a way to make their raisins a little bit sweeter… Okay, I’ll stop!

 –maddy (Rally)