RIPTIDES, THE: Tales from Planet Earth: CD

Jan 13, 2010

All I have to say is this was worth the wait. Produced by Mass “Magic Touch” Giorgini (I just made that nickname up. It fits), this twelve-song CD will blow the fucking hinges off of any door of your house. You won’t even have to crank it to ten, either. Sweet backup vocals, crunchy guitar riffage, and solid songwriting make this is a must-have. “Omega Man” is a great song. Then it’s followed up by the equally impressive “Dial M for Murder.” There’s even a Xmas song on here that’s almost as good as “Christmas in Hollis.” How can you argue with a record that ends with a song called “Shit Outta Luck”? Buy this now or live out the unbearable prophecy of the last song for the rest of your life. I’m really not kidding you now.

 –koepenick (Asian Man)