Dec 23, 2008

Ripsnorter has spent many years bloodying their knuckles for the honor of the horror punk genre. Why do they do it? Are they sick? Are they masochists, secretly getting off on pouring their glistening guts out on self-released discs and in front of feeble crowds in dirty dives? Why do all of these horror punk bands do this to themselves? In Ripsnorter’s case, it’s obvious. They do it because they love it. That love comes through in songs like “Infected,” in which the victim of a zombie bite begs for a bullet through the brain. The scenario isn’t simply played up for shock value. Like all good horror, the focus is on the emotions. You can hear the narrator’s conflict, asking to end a life not lived to the fullest in order to prevent him from putting anyone else in the same position he’s in. Here’s hoping Ripsnorter keeps waving the horror punk banner well past the impending zombie apocalypse. 

 –mp (R.I.P.,