RIPPLE ROCK #2: 6” x 8”, copied, 78 pgs.

Nov 24, 2014

Ripple Rock is a Finnish zine based around interviewing people from bands, microbreweries, and hockey players. The author is pretty obsessed with all three and they are more linked than I would imagine. Take NHL player Boyd Devereaux who runs an indie label or Scott Heder of Burnt Hickory Brewing who makes beers named after bands like X and Killdozer. Depending on how much you care about this stuff will probably have a lot to do with how much you relate to the zine. They were all well-done, well-researched interviews but I don’t care too much about beer (except drinking it) or hockey, but the talks with Joey Keithley (D.O.A) and John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) were really interesting. You’ll also get interviews with Swampland, The Chain Letters, Robert Scott (Flying Nun, The Bats, The Clean), The Shivvers and “A Brief and Imperfect History of Milwaukee Punk 1973-1982”. A solid zine. If punk, hockey, and beer is your trifecta then don’t pass this one up. –Craven Rock ([email protected])