RIP OFFS: Got a Record: CD

The Rip Offs were one of those bands that I’d been hearing about for a long time, but had never heard. Their records and seven inches were all out of print and pretty hard to find, but finally, earlier this year, Jimmy Alvarado made me a tape of all of the Rip Offs stuff. The first time I listened to them, I knew I’d been missing out for all these years. The Rip Offs have a really raw sound, kind of like Teengenerate or the Motards. Songs that would be straight ahead rock’n’roll if they weren’t so fucked up and crazy. I listened to the tape a bunch of times, thinking about how cool it would be if someone reissued these songs. Well, I guess former Rip Offs bassist Greg Lowery read that thought bubble of mine because he reissued Got a Record (the only Rip Offs full length). The songs still sound like they were recorded in someone’s garage or practice space (which, according to the liner notes, they pretty much were), but the songs are still great. If you aren’t one of the lucky few who picked up this album when it first came out, here’s your chance. I highly recommend it.

 –sean (Rip Off)