Dec 13, 2007

Dunno who’s doin’ the pickin’ over at Dr. Strange, but they’ve got one hell of a batting average going. For those not in the know, Riot/Clone is one of the early U.K. bands associated with the anarcho-punk scene that spawned Crass, Discharge, Flux of Pink Indians, Conflict, and tons of others. They’ve released a number of singles and albums over nearly three decades and this latest is a doozy. Losing none of the anger, passion, and “punk” of their early years, they dish up seventeen tracks (one more listed, “The Wit & Wisdom of George W. Bush,” consists of a long bit of silence) of fierce, uncompromising, and catchy punk rock devoid of both the clichéd conventions too many modern “peace punk” bands rely upon and the stodgy lack of enthusiasm that plagues a number of their reformed peers. The music is strong, the lyrics topical, and the delivery vital, making this one of the most consistently good releases of the year.

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)