RIOT 77 #17: 3 Euros, 8½” x 11”, glossy, 48 pgs.

Sep 30, 2014

Nice glossy zine from Ireland that includes interviews with Kid Congo, the Spits, Iron Cross, Canada’s Ugly Pop Records, and John Joseph of the Cro-Mags, whose ceaseless shit-talking, kookiness, and arrogance is always good for a chuckle. (This is, after all, the dude who suggested that the Tohoku tsunami and Fukushima disaster were karmic retribution for Japanese whaling.) There’s also oodles of thoughtful, enthusiastic record and show reviews, and while there’s plenty of nods given to newer bands here, Riot 77’s heart belongs pretty clearly to bands and records of yesteryear. It’s nicely laid out, the interviewer’s knowledgeable of his subjects and clearly passionate about the bands that he covers. Long-running, it’s an impressive effort, especially once you consider this is a one-person affair, which just has to be a hell of a lot of work. Nice job. –Keith Rosson (Riot 77 c/o Cian Hynes, PO Box 11342, Dublin 2, Ireland)