Sep 23, 2011

O. M. G. Easily one of my all-time favorite bands has just unleashed one fucking vicious bastard of a record upon mankind. For those not in the know, with each long-awaited release, Ringworm continues to set the bar for seething, pummeling, evil hardcore, often mentioned alongside fellow Cleveland legends Integrity and tied forever to the Holy Terror sound which has seen a massive resurgence in the past few years. With Scars, Ringworm’s fifth LP in their twenty-year existence, the band leans further into the metal realm, as they have with each successive release, showcasing longer songs and more Bay-Area-heyday and early-Euro thrash influenced riffing, yet opting for a more vicious-sounding production (think Justice rather than Venomous). Predictably, HF’s palpable rage hasn’t quelled even one iota, and all in all, Ringworm sounds more like a solid unit than ever, incredibly invigorated, and I can only assume that’s a sign of more amazing records to come. All hail.

 –Dave William (Victory)

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