Jan 23, 2012

I feel vastly unqualified to review this. I know nothing about this stuff. Is this death metal? Both bands have a similar template: heavy, intricate riffs peppered with little, flittering high-pitched solos, lots of palm mutes and yowled, testicle-dropping vocals. Mindsnare definitely comes out on top, with a more punishing, intricate pairing of tracks. Still, the closest thing I can think of to compare these bands to, and I know it’s terrible, is Slayer. I’m sure within their respective genre that’s a shitty comparison, like saying Dillinger Four sounds like the Sex Pistols just because they’re both punk bands. Sorry, guys. I’m just not too familiar with your particular type of voodoo. I do know that this record comes with a goofy comic book insert featuring skulls, hipsters, and vengeance (and also features a download card), and metal dudes would most likely do well to pick this one up. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, gentlemen.

 –keith (A389)

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