Sep 25, 2007

As a format, the 6” is better than the 5”. It’s easier to load onto record players with automatic arm returns. It’s also a format that it’s just better not to sit down after putting a side on, especially if… Ampere: it’s screamo hardcore that lasts what seems like little more than thirty seconds, has five different parts going at once, sounds a little like the first Death By Stereo record mixed into double-speed Born Against; kinda like a metal approach without the metal wanktankery inside. Ringers: do yourself a favor. Get their latest, Detention Halls and do what voodoo you do to put this song at the end of that. Simultaneously Bent Outta Shape and Swingin’ Utters, in a way that denatures both to mere reference points and not transparent bags that suffocate either The Ringers or the listener.

 –todd (No Idea)