Sep 17, 2015

As much as I like to think that there is no age limit in playing punk bands, I have this creeping feeling that once you reach a certain age, somewhere in your mid-thirties, you’re pushing it. This record increases that feeling. Rikk Agnew, obviously, is one of the greatest guitar players ever in punk. No one sounds like him, and he often saves bands from mediocrity. That’s not the case here, unfortunately. These two songs don’t have that energy that’s needed to make a punk song good, let alone great. It sounds like they’re just running through the songs without any real goal other than to get it finished. The cover of “Screaming Fist” is lukewarm, and comes nowhere close to matching the intensity of the original. Symbol Six, who were around way back when, today sound like a bunch of old dudes flailing around trying to play music, but instead play bad bar band rock. Pass this one by, and get a record from a band of new and hungry folks who are bringing it as though it’s their last moment on earth, like the people on this record used to. 

 –M.Avrg (ailhouse, jailhouserecords.com)

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