RIISTETYT: Skitsofrenia: CD

Jul 21, 2009

If I remember correctly, this is a re-release of this legendary Finnish band's first LP. I could be wrong and if I am, it's not the first time. This was initially released in 1983, so the timeline to be their first LP might be right. The songs are primitive, but raw and energetic. Before it was called crust or discore, it was just straight ahead metallic punk that let the energy do the talking. It takes me back twenty years when I first started hearing international punk. It still stands the test of time – abrasive songs sung in languages I had no idea of understanding. But the language of aggression crosses all language barriers. More people need to discover and research bands from other continents, past and present, and see what is outside of their backyards. This is a time capsule that has been opened and needs to be shared with others.

 –don (Usinade Sangue)

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