RIGHT HERE, THE: All Herky-Jerky: CD

Hailing from Minneapolis, The Right Here is what would happen if some of my favorite punk bands made a crazy talented baby. Imagine The Lawrence Arms with Tim Barry at the helm or if early Alkaline Trio featured Tim Armstrong. To be fair, though, that’s what comes to mind immediately. After getting to know the songs better, it becomes quickly apparent that The Right Here has created their own sound that fits in perfectly with that punk rock’n’roll scene that’s happening in Minneapolis (they share a keyboard player with local powerhouse Nato Coles, if that helps clarify). Song title winners like “Freddie Mercury Poisoning” and “Who Framed Roger Lodge?” are the perfect combination of punk, blue collar rock, and alt-country that still make me want to dance. Anyone that pull that off is a winner in my book. 

 –Nicole Madden (Self-released)